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Case Study C1: Asbestos Screening at a Former MOD Site (Corsham) - Asbestos




Client: Persimmon Homes (Wessex) Limited / Taylor Woodrow Developments Limited

Consulting Engineer: White Young Green

Location: Corsham, Surrey

Remediation Value: £600,000

Project: The site was to be developed for housing, however ground contamination was encountered locally across the site, in the form of asbestos (Chrysotile) and explosive residues (Picric Acid, Nitro-glycerine) found within the made ground and near surface soils. Five areas of the site were identified as being contaminated by asbestos, with small localized areas having picric acid and nitro-glycerine contamination. The remediation work involved carefully excavating those areas of made ground, identified as being contaminated, and disposing of any asbestos contaminated material at a designated and licensed facility. The remainder of the material underwent a screening process to remove any asbestos fragments. During the project some ammunition casings were located. The Police and Bomb Squad were alerted and all materials removed within 6 hours of the discovery allowing works to proceed unhindered.

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