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Case Study E2: Biopiling at a Former Dairy (Hemyock) - PCB





Client: Bloor Homes

Consulting Engineer: Yeandle Geotechnical

Location: Hemyock

Remediation Value: £315,000

Project: Demolition of former dairy buildings on a proposed housing development site had resulted in release of ground heating oil into the ground and groundwater and contamination of crushed concrete with PCB’s resulting in a prosecution by the Environmental Agency. Site was bounded by a river and had a ‘leat’ or ‘mill race’ running through the middle of the site that required filling. All this resulted in very close scrutiny from the Environment Agency and Local EHO. Churngold proposed dry screening of the PCB contaminated crushed concrete to remove the fine fraction that contained the PCB’s. This recovered fraction was then taken to landfill. This was successfully undertaken under a mobile plant license. Hyrdrocarbon impacted soils under went ex-situ bioremediation in biopiles.

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