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Environmental Policy
Man in field Churngold Construction Limited understands and acknowledges its responsibility to the local environment and ecology. We will endeavour where practicable to ensure the minimisation of such identified and future impacts with the continuance of the application of sustainable
development of all factors of the business.
  • The Company will endeavour not to allow any release into the atmosphere, earth or water
  • that may do harm to the environment or human health.
  • The Company accepts and will continue to comply with the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and any subsequent legislation codes of practice which apply to all aspects, implement and plan for future legislative requirements.
  • The Company is fully aware of the impact on each locality and will seek to minimise the effects of noise, dust and disturbance.
The Company will endeavour to continue to:
  • implement and develop the concept of sustainable management and development of resources.
  • monitor, review and improve environmental performance and controls.
  • develop environmental awareness of employees through training programmes and induction courses.
  • improve employee awareness of environmental issues and encourage the sharing of experience and expertise.
  • support and encourage local community environmental projects.
  • continue and develop good working relationships with regulating bodies, local government, business and communities.

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