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BBC DIY SOS - Churngold help out in Swansea
Thursday, 18 December 2014 09:27

Churngold Construction donated two site operatives to the BBC DIY SOS programme which airs tonight on BBC1

The BBC programme was filmed in Swansea in the summer.  Churngold were part of the team of contractors working for nine days to transform the family home of 15 year old Jack Morris.

Jack has been through a lifetime of operations after being diagnosed with a rare form of muscular distrophy called central core myopothy.  Jack lives with his mum and older brother Dan and until work was carried out, Jack had to sleep in the living room instead of his bedroom and had very little privacy.  The work involved creating a sensory garden and building an extension. Jack and his family can now enjoy the sanctuary of their family home and invite friends over.

DIY SOS is screened on Thursday 18th December at 8pm