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DIY SOS The Big Build West Bromwich
Friday, 28 July 2017 08:58

Paul Gallagher, Contracts Manager (Midlands), with the DIY SOS Team

Recently Churngold Construction (Midlands) assisted the DIY SOS team with the groundworks on the DIY SOS:

The Big Build in West Bromwich.

A tremendous effort by all the Midlands Staff & supply chain partners were involved.

The Family:

Crystal Chambers (32) mother of two young children, Deago & Ameria, visited her local GP and hospital on numerous

occasions over two years and was left undiagnosed.

Then, in September 2015, she was suddenly given the devatating news that she had terminal cancer and just 48 hours to live.

Tragically Crystal passed away on 14 October 2015, aged 32.


Sadly, Crystal did not have any life insurance nor did she own her own home, so her young children were left homeless

and in financial despair.It was therefore left to Crystal's grieving mother, Sandra, to take the young children into her home.


Grandma Sandra (51), who has dedicated her entire life to working with familes in crisis, lives in a tiny 2 bedroom house with her

19 year old son Ziggy (Crystal's brother), who is in full time education and coaches young people in basketball.

Sandra, Deago (9) and Ameria (3) are now sharing one small bedroom, with a double bed, a camp bed and a toddler bed

squeezed at the side. This is not a long term solution and they are struggling with the claustrophobia.

They don't have room for proper beds let alone clothes, toys and space to call their own.

They desperately need help to create a home for the children, so that they can start a new chapter in life,

give them each space to grieve and also to live long-term.


Sandra is struggling with her grief and the challenges of being a surrogate mother to her grandchildren.

She has needed to work longer hours to keep the family afloat - so retirement is no longer an option.

Ziggy is also grieving and is now a surrogate father to his niece and nephew.


Deago is regressing, there is no space for him to have downtime, his identity in the house

and his frustration at home are showing now at school.

The bond with his mum was so strong and he just isn't coping with the lack of space at home

and processing his feelings of loss.


With totally unsuitable accommodation, the future of the children remaining in their grandmother's home

may become a concern; so that's where DIY SOS team and generous volunteers stepped in to drastically

improve a grieving family's home and guarantee that Sandra can keep the family together.