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Churngold have been providing advice about possible remedial solutions and costs to various Consultants and Project Managers for a number of years.

rig170However, legislation is changing, specifically the removal of the Landfill Tax Exemption is going to mean that disposal of even non-hazardous waste will be above £100/m3 and rising with the year on year increases in the tax for landfill disposal. With the cost of treatment technologies generally less than 40% of the cost of disposal to landfill the day of disposal of soils to landfill is nearing an end. Churngold has the widest knowledge base of remedial solutions delivered in the field and hence whatever the cost and time requirements of your Clients we can offer a remedial option that will suit your Clients requirements.   If you need to update your cost models to inform your Clients about their development costs then Churngold can provide costs for all eventualities.

manchester1In particular Churngold have been concentrating on aggressive, rapid techniques to provide Clients with remediation within a short time-frame and with certainty of success. These include an ever expanding expertise in steam enhanced remediation (SER) and chemical oxidation having recently completed the largest chemical oxidation project of its type in Europe.

So whether you have time or no time at all Churngold should have a solution to meet your Clients needs.