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Churngold Remediation frequently work with main contractors to deal specifically with issues relating to contaminated soil and groundwater. Increasingly however any such remediation is usually incorporated into a complete enabling works package due to the all round expertise Churngold has to offer in this regard.

The enabling works could include earthworks, removal of obstructions, crushing of recovered hardcore for retention and re-use and so on in order to render the site fit for the proposed new development. Churngold offer Main Contractors one contractor to enable the site ready for future development.

In accordance with recent changes in legislation the management of your waste soils must be completed under a site specific Site Waste Management Plan, but more importantly the potential mix of inert, non-hazardous and hazardous soils must be carefully segregated to minimise costs. Churngold can undertake all aspects relating to your waste soils on site, always with a view to meeting legal requirements at the least possible cost. This also falls in line with the drive towards the sustainable use of soils on construction sites.

With the significant rises in Landfill Tax being imposed year on year and the removal of Landfill Tax Exemptions the need to carefully manage your contaminated site soils has just become considerably more difficult. No longer can you expect your traditional groundwork contractor to have the right expertise to provide you the most cost effective solution while meeting all environmental requirements. Churngold have that expertise and can provide that winning solution. Call Churngold today to see how we can help guarantee a successful project.