Press Release - Churngold Goes Green

Press Release - Churngold Goes Green

CHURNGOLD commits to Zero Carbon Footprint from 2020 by UK Tree Planting

South West and South Wales based Groundworks, Civil Engineering and Remediation group Churngold, has committed to being a zero-carbon company going forward by offsetting its Carbon footprint, by UK tree planting.

Managing Director Andrew Brown says “We have been thinking about doing it for a while, but we have now decided this is something we simply must do. Not only it is the right thing to do for our Planet, it is the right thing to do for our Business.

Churngold have always sought to reduce the amount of material leaving site through onsite reuse or recycling. Having measured our Carbon footprint for many years now, we believe we have a real duty to go even further to help our clients reduce the impact of their developments.

We have therefore developed 10 Environmental Green Rules that will sit alongside our existing

10 Golden Health and Safety Rules. These rules identify how we undertake all our projects, to not just reduce our carbon footprint, but to improve our business and therefore improve the service we provide to all our clients.

In 2020 our Carbon footprint was approximately 1250 tonnes of CO2, which means we will be looking to plant 5-6 acres of native trees in the UK. We are looking at a couple of possible sites and will work with local environmental groups to create little Churngold Forests year on year that our employees and families, together with the local community can visit and enjoy for years to come.

Whilst these new 10 Environmental Green Rules have been developed with the help of some of my younger Churngold colleagues, the feedback from all age groups across the business has been really encouraging. I guess we all have families and therefore can no longer ignore the need to change our behaviors to make a difference. 

The current pandemic has also shown us how technology can be used to reduce meeting miles whilst at the same time making us a lot more efficient, so exploring new and better ways of working is a real exciting opportunity. “

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     Environmental Green Rules

  1. Maximise recycling to reuse existing site materials.
  2. Reduce waste and fuel use by looking after our equipment. 
  3. Reuse temporary works again and again – e.g. Shuttering etc.
  4. Maximise prefabrication and reduce part loads.
  5. Reduce our road miles, including sharing vans & crew buses.
  6. Work with our local supply chains to reduce road miles.
  7. Use technology to reduce miles & improve our processes.
  8. Measure our CO2 impact so we can drive improvements.
  9. Investigate green alternatives and refuse to accept the norm.
  10. Commit to being Carbon Neutral every year by UK tree planting.

         Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Refuse